JL Richards Prime Meats

JL Richards

A Family Affair


Richard Wisden started JL Richards over 25 years ago with a simple vision: provide quality meats at affordable prices. After taking over Oregon Meats at the ripe age of 25, Rich would grow the business to something much more than just a butcher shop. Today the business consists of the original butcher shop, a liquor store, a convenience store, serves hot lunches and dinners M-F and catering upwards of 1,000 people a weekend. Welcome to the JL family!

We are proud to operate out of Oregon, WI and serve our local community. Come check out our fresh meat, hot meals and wide variety of wines and liquors!


Our only go to butcher, fresh meat at good prices. Get a family pack of burger for 2.99/lb. They also serve the best quick take out lunch you can find for the price. Grandma style comfort food line like shredded beef or chicken over mashed potatoes. Got my boy fueled up through high school sports. Also frozen seafood....the prawns rock.

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